What do we do?

  1. Sales Coaching
    Build high performance sales professionals that get results. Membership Consultant Inductions so they hit the ground running.
  2. Member Retention
    It's one skill to gain a new member and a completely different one to keep members. Learn the art of having happy members who sell your club for you.
  3. Management Training
    Get the most out of your team through motivating, coaching and leading from the front. When we're finished your team will run like a well oiled machine.
  4. Frontline Coaching
    With the correct coaching your frontline staff will fluently move prospects through the sales process and be a vital part of member retention.
  5. Lead Generation
    Learn the art of member referrals plus how to have an abundance of fresh daily leads to call without having to wait for your next walk in.
  6. Telephone Techniques
    Learn how to make every call count no matter whether it's incoming or outgoing. We'll coach you on how to book appointments over the phone.
  7. Club Operation
    We support, guide and train your Managers on the daily operation of your club. This leaves you to enjoy life knowing your business is in safe hands and prospering.
  8. Fitness Inductions
    We conduct 7 day Induction workshops to the Fitness Industry covering everything to ensure your Consultants have all the skills required to be successful.
  9. Marketing Strategies
    Successful marketing strategies require planning and attention to detail. We'll show you how to engage and increase your followers.
At Miss M's Fitness Management & Consultancy Training, we know the fitness industry is increasingly growing especially with the Australian Government making a significant effort encouraging the public to adapt a healthier lifestyle and this is resulting in greater demand for fitness products and services.
With greater demand brings increased competition and unless your staff are suitably trained you can be losing vital leads to your competition which is where we come in.
We  know that in order to be the best all you really need is to be better skilled than your competitors and ensure you put that knowledge into practice each and every day. We are an industry specific training organisation on member retention,  increased sales and overall member satisfaction. We help operators of health clubs take their clubs to the next level and run at peak performance. It's our mission to take ordinary sales consultants and managers, arm them with the required skills & knowledge and watch them become successful sales professionals who get results! 
The way in which people purchase health & fitness services is far different than any other customer so if you're unskilled or trained, you're more than likely not closing vital leads and the business is losing income. We mentor, coach, motivate and train membership consultants, managers, reception staff and personal trainers and are proud to share our knowledge for the improvement of everyone.
We strive to ignite the fire that lies within everyone we meet. Our proven sales & retention systems will inspire your staff to think anything is possible, coach them so they have the required skill sets to be competitive in today's market and change the way they view sales, as a result your new sales professionals will be born and your business brighter than ever.
Contact us today and take your business to the next level.