Silver Training Program
You want more members but the leads just there! You're scrambling for ideas on how to wisely spend your marketing budget so it feeds a positive return? Your sales team is lacking motivation and your membership base is at best staying the same. No matter the size or shape of your club you're not alone in coming up blank with fresh new ideas and approaches to generate more leads or how to turn your lifeless sales team into guns full of motivation and determination.  
Successful sales and marketing of any club requires a variety of skills and in my years in the industry I have not yet found an owner or manager who has nailed it. In today world of ever increasing social media and increased competition the way in which we engage with our follows and members has changed incredibly.  In years gone by a simple ad in the local paper or  letterbox drop would suffice, but not now.
This Silver Training Program is a 12 month program and will successfully transform your sales & marketing campaigns ensuring your club is in the forefront of potential members brains. With the additional training and accountability your sales team will have will ensure they lift their game and have all the skills required to set the sales world on fire which will increase your overall profit. 
What does is include: All that's in the Bronze Training Program plus the following,
*  Complete solutions, ideas and approaches to your sales & marketing campaigns.

*  Learn the art of email and SMS marketing.

*  Each months membership offer from ideas to creation to the implementation.
*  New fresh approaches to lead generation.
*  Member referral promotions to encourage better member retention and share the love.
*  From set up to the ongoing managing of your Social media accounts.
*  Implement a member loyalty program.

*  Build a successful cross marketing alliance .
* Create a successful Open Day from idea to execution.
* An abundance of industry specific ideas and insights.
* Internal Advertising.

*  And so much more.

With increased competition comes an influx of marketing. With Miss M's Fitness Management & Consultancy Training we'll coach and guide you so you're club doesn't get lost or forgotten. After the initial 2 intense days our club visits will become fortnightly for the duration of the 12 months.
As well as this Bronze Training Package we have the                                         
Bronze Training Package
Gold Training Package
1 day intensive workshop