"Mystery Shopping Service"
Business's spend vast amounts of money on advertising to ensure they are at the forefront of people's minds when they think health & fitness but what happens when prospects make contact with your staff?
Our Mystery Shopping Service will give you new and unique insights into the interaction between prospects and your staff. By acting as a prospective member we undertake a series of pre determined tasks typical of an enquiry your staff would encounter on a daily basis. At the completion of the mystery shop we will report back to you on the customer service process.
What feedback will you receive:
> You will gain fresh prospectives for an unbaised outsider on what's going on inside your club.
> You will have a true insights of your staffs are performing against pre determined criteria and measurements.
> Use the intellegence you receive to develop more effective develpment & training of your staff.
Some of the things we evaluate are:
< The overall experience prospective members receive from the initial enquiry being either email, phone or online enquiry. Did the prospect receive a good first impression.? Did the staff reply to the email or online enquiry answering the prospects questions? Did the staff member have a good telephone manner? Was he/she polite and knowledgeable about the benefits on offer? Did the staff member book an appointment?
> Was the tour needs based? Did the staff member explain the benefits of the equipment to the prospect? Was the prospect told about additional services on offer?
> Did the staff member trial close? Were all objections overcome? Was the prospect shown different price options? Was the membership type explained fully?
> Was the prospect followed up?
> Cleanliness & ambience: Is the club clean and tidy. Did the staff members engage with the prospect and make them feel welcome? If the prospect had an appointment did they remember his/her name?
> Promotions: Did the club display current promotions?
> Your website and Social Media: How easy is it to navigate for an outsider? How easy is it to find information about joining and current promotions. Was there compelling information that draws the prospect to make contact?
> Your events: How welcomed does the prospect feel? Was it easy to register?
For more information on our mystery shopping service please contact us so we an discuss your personal requirements in more detail. Once we have spoken we can move forward with a proposal based on the mystery shopping service you require.
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