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Hi, I'm Miss M
I initally started out in the late 1990's progressing quickly from entry level gym floor positions to managing many health clubs from smaller independent clubs to well-known larger franchises including 24/7.
I started Miss M Fitness Management & Consultancy Training with the passion and desire to share my wealth of knowledge from formal industry training and my own  15+ years of on job experience because over the years i've seen many changes most of which have negative impact on our overall client experience but also your business's bottom line.
I'm one of few women in the field of Fitness Sales & Retention Training and it's my desire to inspire your staff to think anything is possible, coach them so they have the required skill sets to be competitive in today's market and change the way they view sales, as a result your new sales professionals will be born and your business brighter than ever. 
Over my time i have successfully motivated & trained consultants, managers, reception staff & PT's through my training techniques & skill sets to achieve their full potential which has transformed many clubs in short periods which continue to prosper today.
The art of selling fitness is like no other, it takes dream building, painting pictures in your prospects mind, building rapport and a genuine desire to assist & care for your prospective member like no other. Their very health is in your hands and without the correct skill sets, coaching & mentoring you potentially aren't just losing a prospective member but you ultimately have not guided them to better health.
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Miss M 
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If you've met Marissa you know she's passionate, motivating & strives to ignite the fire that lies in everyone she meets.
What people say about Miss M
Thankyou so so much for believing in me and getting me through moments of self doubt and despair. You are truly an amazing individual and i am so happy to have met you and have you in my life. Keep smiling.
You have been my solid rock and have shown, taugh and guided me through this game we call "sales". I am so proud of myself to implemement the skills you have taught me. Thank you, you are strong, driven and our tower. I love the laughs that we have on a daily basis.
What can i say!! Thank you for all your help and effort to make us (again) the BEST club on the Sunny Coast is probably not enough. I enjoy your happy & positive presence in our sales office. You are funny and you crack me up with your stories and actions. Thank you for your ongoing help and getting the best out of each of us.
We have struggled at this club for quite some time until you came along. Despite all that happens in your life you have single handedly turned the sales team into an awesome unit and all with a great sense of fun.
We enjoy having you around.
You have a great depth of knowledge and bring organisation skills and an abundance of experience in how to turn fitness clubs around.
You're fair, understanding and approachable and certainly make a positive difference in every area of the club.