Bronze Training Package
So you own or recently purchased a gym/studio because you’re passionate about the fitness industry? You care about the wellbeing of people and want to make a change in today’s  world of ever increasing obesity? You’re working tirelessly with incredible work ethic and some days you can high 5 your team and think YES.. we've made it.... and then there’s the days that follow that make your head spin wondering where it all went pear shape! Your enthusiasm is falling, you're working longer and harder and then you question if this was such a great move because no matter what you’re trying it’s just not working.
Do you want to feel that excitement you had when you first began? Do you want a profitable business that makes you smile and be proud not frustrated? Do you want to take sales off your competition and ensure you’re not losing members to other gyms in your area? Never fear, we are here! With our assistance & training we will turn your business around, empower your staff and give you the time & money you deserve.
Our “Bronze Training Package” is designed for the owner who's serious about transforming their club and putting it back on the rails to success.  It includes an intial 2 intense days beginning at the grass roots of your business working out so we can plan and create a successful path forward. At the competition of the 3 months you and your team will have the skill sets, understanding and enthusiasm to take your club forward to bigger and better things than you ever imagined.
What does it include?   
*  We will mystery shop your club so we know the experience potential members receive and provide you a valuable insightful report which will be the basis for training.

*  We will observe the daily operation, from reception interaction to member engagement.
* Create a unique Facebook Marketing plan.

*  We will extensively look at where you are right now and brain storm on where you want to be in the short & long term!

* Review your systems ,database & marketing to put your business back on the rails to success.
* Complete a SWOT analysis.
*  Conduct one on one meetings with each employee so I understand their strengths & weaknesses.
The Bronze Training Package also provides you with 3 months ongoing training & support after the inital 2 intensive days to ensure your sales staff are working smarter than they did before and your club is improving it's bottom line. Our club visits are fortnightly and yet our ongoing support is daily and includes the following:

*  Daily conference calls for goal setting and strategy planning. Create your unique sales funnel.

*  Workshop on red & green brain impulses and how they factor how potential clients buy.
* Workshop on the art of the sales process from initial contact to closing the sale and beyond.
* Implement & measure KPI’s including strat the sales for the month to ensure growth.
* Workshop on overcoming objections.
* Dream build with your team, because if they're getting what they want, you'll get what you want.

*  Workshop on rapport building to close more sales.
* Ongoing mentor program for Managers & sales staff.
* Monthly meetings with club owner.
* Mystery shop the club at 6 weeks and again at the completion of the 3 months to show improvement.
The Bronze Training Package is for those who are serious about not losing members to other clubs and want a professional & enthusiastic sales team.

As well as this Bronze Training Package we have the                                         
Silver Training Program
Gold  Training Program
1 day intensive workshop