1 day Success Seminars

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It's imperative in today's highly competitive market where consumers have greater choice and power that your staff are suitably trained to ensure you won't lose any prospect to your competition. Your Fitness Club staff are the engine room for increased revenue and overall growth, so it's imperative they're effective and efficient in their ability to overcome objections, successfully lead generate, use the correct sales language and understand the various personality styles they will encounter.
Our 1 day success seminars provide you and your team with the skills to increase their sales by asking the right questions, build solid rapport, gain member referrals, understand personality styles & body language, are equiped to overcome objections and grow the business with both professionalism & excitement.
The seminars are based on a variety of industry specific topics so you can choose the right one for you. They are held in major cities around Australia however we do offer the opportunity to have an exclusive in-house success seminar held in your premises, please contact us for more information.

Success Seminars are designed to sharpen the skills of experienced sales consultants, managers and also brand new staff enabling them to take advantage of opportunities on a daily basis.


* The 7 steps of track selling                                                 

* Overcoming Objections
* Understanding Personality Styles                                      

* Using the telephone to your advantage
* How to Hot Spot Tour                                                        
* Lead Generating & Member Referrals
* Meet & Greet                                                                        

* Deliver a successful Price Presentation